Best Gel Blaster SMG’s 2020 with Reviews

So I’ve covered what I genuinely believe are the best gel blaster rifles but now it’s time to specifically cover what the best SMG gel blasters are. 

SMG’s are generally smaller in size compared to assault rifles and were designed to be fully automatic, magazine-fed carbines used to fire pistol cartridges.  The benefits of such designs included better firing control (due to smaller caliber) and improved portability and mobility for close quarter battles (CQB).  Of course bullet caliber doesn’t concern us but we love our gel ball blaster SMG’s for the sake of compactness and perhaps being able to use our favourite toy blaster replicas in a simulated CQB environment.

 I’ve listed the blasters in this category based off their real life original counterparts.   For example a real life Heckler & Koch MP5 is considered an SMG and therefore any MP5 inspired gel ball blaster toy replica would be considered an SMG in this list.

The main factors that I’ve considered when making this list were shooting performance (FPS), build quality, ammunition capacity and upgradability potential (for both internal modification and external customization).

Please keep in mind that all FPS (feet per second) readings provided are also rough approximations and that the gel balls you use will have an impact on what kind of reading you will get (due to gel ball diameter size variations).  I’ve tried to standardize the readings as best as possible.

Top Gel Blaster SMG’s

LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster

LeHui Kriss Vector Gel Ball Blaster

The Vector V2 offers superb attention to detail both inside and out while also having the most features of any gel ball blaster to date.  Constructed of predominantly durable nylon, the robust build quality is pretty much as good as it can get for a gel ball blaster.  No matter where you grab this thing, it feels solid from head to toe.

It has two ambidextrous firing switches, one for safety and the other for controlling the firing modes consisting of semi-automatic, 3 round burst and fully automatic.  The stock is both adjustable and can fold and clip to the side of the blaster if you wish to minimize the length.  It also comes with another threaded stock adapter which allows to you to attach AEG stocks tubes (Just like you would with an M4 blaster).

This magazine-fed blaster worked well when switching between firing modes and rarely miss-fired a shot, if at all.  A standout feature of the Vector V2 that I rarely hear people talk about is it’s active break. This means that the piston always returns to it’s original position regardless of the firing mode. This is why the shooting experience feels so good and the feeding is so consistent.

The magazine is electronically fed and holds roughly 220 gel balls at a time.  There is also a magazine-priming feature which is sure to impress.  Simply hold back the lever for 3-4 seconds and you’re good to go.  This blaster hits around 230-250FPS which is pretty amazing for its size.

Inside the Vector you’ll find a clear cased gearbox that is well made and consists of many parts that are interchangeable with AEG (Airsoft) counterparts for upgrading your blaster.  If you want to increase the blasters FPS but aren’t comfortable with taking it apart then you’d be happy to hear that you can upgrade the spring without having to do so.  Simply remove the two bolts holding the orange plate underneath the blaster (directly behind the magazine port) in place and you’ll be able to switch out the spring (modify at your own risk).

The blaster comes with a 7.4v battery and achieves a great rate of fire compared to other 7.4v battery using blasters. Be wary of using high discharge 11.1v batteries however as many players have burnt out the blasters mosfet (the circuit board for switching firing modes). This does unfortunately mean that 11.1v batteries are not recommended unless you upgrade the mosfet.

A drum magazine is also available for the Vector V2 (watch the drum mag in action).  Don’t even worry about ejecting this magazine because there are access doors at the top of each drum so you can fill up your gels as you play with an adequate speed-loader.


  • Three firing modes – Full auto, semi-auto and three round burst
  • Superb build quality and finish – Best to date!
  • Easily upgrade spring by removing orange spring retainer plate
  • Foldable and adjustable stock
  • Use AEG buffer tube and butt stocks with included buffer tube adapter
  • 230-250FPS
  • Double drum magazines available


  • Running a high discharge 11.1v battery may burn out the mosfet

Final Verdict

I was truly surprised by how good the Vector V2 was.  The performance, the feel, the features, it all added up to giving the best experience I personally think you can get from an SMG gel blaster at this point in time.  Despite the mosfet not liking high discharge 11.1v batteries this blaster would be still be great for any type of user.

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Bing Feng P90 V3 Gel Blaster

Bing Feng P90 V2 Gel Ball Blaster

The P90 V3 was released very shortly after its predecessor, the P90 V2, and has been improved in many aspects.  The improvements are:

  • Shooting performance:  The V3 sits at an average of 255FPS and the V2 sits at 220FPS
  • Magazine capacity:  The V3 magazines hold roughly two-thirds more gels balls (approx. 270 compared to the original 170 of the V2)
  • Alloy barrel:  Instead of a plastic barrel.  One less upgrade expenditure
  • Nylon gearbox and gears:  Stronger and more durable frame for upgrades and the gears will handle slightly stronger springs compared the V2’s plastic gearbox.

The P90 V3 shows off a very unique design and is a big step up from its predecessor.  The shell is made of full nylon and is very solid.  The total length is a universal 50cm (approx) as there are no adjustable components to the blaster.  There is one rail on top of the blaster for attachments.

Unlike the first P90 that was hopper fed (gravity dependent), the P90 V3 (and V2) uses a horizontal, spring aided, electronic magazine.  This makes feeding no issue at all and the blaster will easily run an 11.1v battery for a higher rate of fire. 

There’s only one fire mode available being full-automatic.  Although there’s no electronic magazine priming feature included like other blasters, the spring in the magazine almost acts like a prime in itself, so a magazine-prime wouldn’t really be necessary for the design regardless.

The gearbox is referred to as an inline gen8 due to it being shaped alternatively straight compared to the standard gen8 gearbox design.  This doesn’t affect anything other than the shape however and who can rest assured knowing that the same upgrade potential is there.  Plenty of upgrades can be done if desired.


  • Short, compact & solid
  • Very unique, ergonomic design
  • Upgrade to 11.1v battery for a faster rate of fire
  • Highly upgradable gen8 gearbox
  • 255FPS – Punches hard for a stock SMG
  • Alloy barrel already installed
  • Nylon gearbox and gears – Stronger and more durable for upgrades


  • Limited to   ̴270 gel ball capacity with the standard magazine
  • No semi-automatic or burst firing modes available

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of the P90 design then this definitely deserves a look at.  The performance out of the box is great, the build quality doesn’t disappoint and there is plenty of upgrade potential.  The perks of the P90 V3 are definitely superior to the P90 V2 and this blaster would suit CQB situations perfectly.  Shoot this well-balanced blaster with one hand no problem.

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Jinming MP5 V2 Gel Blaster

Jinming MP5 V2 Gel Ball Blaster

Jinming’s second version of the MP5 is based off the real life Heckler & Koch MP5 with a retractable stock.  I wouldn’t say the quality of the blaster is as polished as others but it certainly doesn’t detract from the overall feel and sturdiness which is more than sufficient.  The blaster only shoots fully automatic and comes with a standard 7.4v battery.  Unfortunately there are no rails for attachments.

The gearbox is a gen8 which is the same as the Jinming M4A1 and Scar V2. This explains why its performance is likewise impressive.  The MP5 V2 gets roughly 230FPS, slightly less than the other two blasters (M4A1 and Scar V2 get ̴240FPS) only due to its shorter barrel.   Being a gen 8 gearbox, there is an abundance of internal upgrades available and running an 11.1v battery is recommended for an improved rate of fire.  You will have to get a specific 11.1v battery however as the battery space in the blaster is limited.

What instantly made this blaster one of my favourites was its drum magazine (cause who wants to reload!).  Carry a substantial amount of more gels and reload less.  The drum magazine holds 500-600 gel balls and the smaller magazine holds roughly 100 gel balls.  Both magazines are electronic of course.  The blaster also has a mag priming feature which makes loading up the gel balls effortless and adds a touch of realism to the experience.


  • Comes with a drum magazine (500-600 rounds)
  • Highly upgradable gen 8 gearbox
  • 230FPS
  • 11.1v battery compatible
  • Magazine priming feature
  • Adjustable stock


  • Restricted battery space for an 11.1v battery
  • No semi-automatic or burst firing modes
  • No rails for attachments

Final Verdict

The MP5 V2 is definitely a go-to SMG blaster that many players enjoy.  It’s highly upgradable and already comes with an awesome drum magazine.  The build quality could be a bit more polished but it’s sturdy nonetheless.  This is one of my personal favourites.

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Bing Feng MP7 V3 Gel Blaster

Bing Feng MP7 V3 Gel Ball Blaster

This pistol-sized blaster is quite the package when you consider its size (42cm with the stock not extended).  For what it is, the MP7 V3 is definitely well made and offers a reasonable performance.

The body consists of a full nylon build with the adjustable stock rails being alloy.  When the stock is fully extended there is little to no movement at all and is surprisingly sturdier than what it looks.  There are four rails for attachments. One on top, two on the sides and a bottom one.   The blaster comes with a few extra attachments being a folding grip, iron sights, pretend red dot sight and two flash hiders (one red, one black).

The magazines are electronically fed and hold roughly 100 gel balls.  There is an aftermarket drum magazine available if want a higher capacity.  The blaster consists of two switches, on and off for safety and a magazine prime.  Full-automatic is the only fire mode available.

The MP7 V3 hits around the 190FPS mark which is on the lower end compared to the other blasters in this list but when you do consider its size, the performance is reasonable.  It’ll come with a standard 7.4v rechargeable battery and you can upgrade to an 11.1v battery for an increased rate of fire.

The easiest upgrade would be to switch out the spring for a stronger replacement. You can do so by twisting, then removing the spring retainer at the back of the blaster and then swapping the spring. The gearbox is an inline gen 8 (same as the Bing Feng P90) however the motor is slightly smaller (370 not a 460) and the gears are a different size.


  • Small, very compact – ultimate mobility for CQB
  • Great build quality
  • Collapsible alloy stock
  • Foldable front grip
  • Upgrade to 11.1v battery for a faster rate of fire
  • Pre-load gels balls with magazine priming feature
  • Easily access spring via the removable spring retainer
  • Drum magazine available


  • 190FPS is on the lower scale (but reasonable for size)
  • Minimal upgrade potential compared the other blasters listed
  • No semi-automatic or burst firing modes available

Final Verdict

The MP7 V3 would be more than plausible as secondary and could even fit into suitable holsters.  We’ve seen better shooting performance, but when you factor in its size, superb build quality and other features, it sums up to be a worthy addition to any arsenal.

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