Best Gel Blasters 2020: Buying Guide with Reviews

For the sake of saving your time, the best gel blaster guns will be reviewed so you can choose which one will suit your needs the best.  I’ve found these blasters in specific to be top performers compared to other blasters and have kept the list as short as possible.

When assessing these blasters the main factors that were looked at are shooting performance (FPS), upgrade potential, overall build quality and price.  Input was also gathered from other gel ball blaster experts and enthusiasts who have been in the hobby for a long time.

Only officially branded blasters will be included in this list, not store-made blasters that local businesses/sellers build and sell.

I’ve also got pages specifically for the best SMG gel blasters and pistol gel blasters.

NameTypeFiring ModesShooting Velocity (FPS)Magazine Capacity (Approx.)
XYL ARP9SMGFull-auto & semi-auto240-250FPS100
JingJi SLR CQBRifleFull-auto & semi-auto230-250FPS300
LDT HK416 3.0RifleFull-auto & semi-auto250-260FPS300
CP Alpha King Ak’sRifleFull-auto & semi-auto260-280FPS350
LDT MP5SMGFull-auto & semi-auto250-270FPSStick mag: 100
Drum mag: 300
Jinming ACRRifleFull-auto & semi-auto250-260FPS300
Jinming M4A1-J9RifleFull-auto & semi-auto250-260FPS300
Jinming M4A1 Gen 8RifleFull-auto240-250FPS300
Which one will you pick?

Top Gel Blasters


XYL ARP9 Gel Blaster
  • Released:  February 2020
  • Brand:  XYL (Xiao Yue Liang)
  • FPS:  250-270
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto
  • Magazine capacity:  100 gel balls
  • Drum Magazine capacity: 500 gel balls
  • Gel ball size:  7-8mm 
  • Rate of fire:  Up to 20 rounds per second (11.1v battery)

The XYL ARP9 is feature-packed and a highly polished gel blaster specifically designed for close quarter engagements.

The main frame of the blaster is made of nylon with the addition of certain parts being metal which include the trigger, magazine release, barrel, outer barrel, dust cover, fire selector and charging handle release.  You can adjust the length of the high quality telescopic stock and conveniently add attachments to the multiple picatinny rails available.  The overall quality is sure to impress as it is well constructed and has zero flex.

You can unscrew the fire cap and add a wide range of other applicable flash hiders, silencers or tracer units.  The thread size is CCW 14mm which you’ll need to know so you can buy accordingly.

Pulling back the charging handle will initiate the magazine priming feature which feeds the gel balls through the blaster so it is ready to fire.  It’s got a smart feature that detects when the gels are fully fed and will stop the priming by itself as well as alert you with a distinct sound.

Below the dust cover is a bolt plate that blows back while firing.  It’s a feature that adds realism but doesn’t benefit the shooting performance in any way.

The standout feature of the ARP9 is its mosfet that offers active brake and battery protection.  Active brake will return the piston perfectly after each shot which provides more consistent feeding and therefore shooting, most notably is semi-auto.  Pair this with the fact that the triggers travel time is shorter than a standard trigger and you’ve got a very responsive, crisp semi-auto.  The battery protection feature stops the blaster from firing if the battery is too low.  A useful feature since continued use of low charged batteries can damage their cells.

Please know that a common drawback of the mosfet was that some people had reported it burning out on an 11.1v battery.  The newer revised models now have improved mosfets that are meant to handle the capacity of an 11.1v battery.  Using an 11.1v battery will considerably increase the blasters shooting performance by increasing the rate of fire and improving semi-auto responsiveness.

Disassembling the blaster is easy with the ARP9’s split receiver design.  Simply remove one pin and slide off the top half of the receiver without having to remove the stock or handguard.

Inside the blaster you’ll find a nylon V2 style gearbox that has metal gears already installed and a ported cylinder to coincide with the short barrel this blaster has.  As with all V2 style gearboxes the upgrade potential is very high.  The gearbox houses a mechanical trigger system that works well in conjunction with the mosfet.

The stick magazines provided don’t have a large gel ball capacity but this shouldn’t be a concern as there are drum magazines available that hold a substantial amount more. To improve the ARP9’s accuracy you can screw on hop-ups that replace the fire cap.  Unfortunately the barrel doesn’t protrude enough to be able to attach better quality hop-ups that mount to the 9.5mm barrel itself rather than the outer barrel.

  • Up to 270FPS
  • 11.1v battery compatible
  • Smart magazine prime feature – Detects when magazine is fully primed
  • Excellent barrel stabilization and ported cylinder lead to maximized accuracy
  • Mosfet already installed – Provides better firing experience with added bonus of battery protection
  • Blowback feature
  • Top tier build quality
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Highly upgradable
  • Drum magazines available
  • Can’t attach the majority of hop-ups directly onto the 9.5mm barrel – barrel isn’t long enough

The XYL ARP9 is a top tier gel blaster that will please both new players and old-time enthusiasts alike. It’s built with high quality components and has a smart firing system already installed. The Upgrade potential is high however the performance is already more than suitable for competitive play and is sure to flourish in CQB situations.

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Jingji SLR CQB black tan gel blaster
  • Released: February 2020
  • Brand: JingJi
  • FPS: 230-250FPS
  • Firing modes: Full-auto & semi-auto
  • Magazine capacity: 300 gel balls
  • Gel ball size: 7-8mm
  • Rate of fire: Up to 20 rounds per second (11.1v battery)

Easily one of the more popular gel blasters of 2020, the JingJi SLR CQB offers a high-quality nylon build in a compact size. 

In addition to its keymod handguard, Magpul style MOE grip and SBPDW retractable stock, the SLR CQB also comes with a few notable metal parts being the Charging handle, magazine release, fire selector, threaded outer barrel and polished inner barrel.

As an M4 style blaster, the SLR CQB can easily be customized with alternative handguards and stocks.  JingJi sell a few handguard options ranging in different colours, lengths and materials (nylon & metal).

The blaster is a split receiver design and comes with JingJi’s own-branded nylon V2 gearbox.   The gearbox is highly upgradable and comes with nylon gears which will handle minor spring upgrades well.  There are many upgrade parts available on the market.

There’s a magazine prime switch at the top of the gearbox which can be activated when pulling the charging handle back.  Pull it back for a few seconds to load the gel balls up through the magazine.

The SLR CQB shooting performance of 230-250FPS is good given its short barrel length.  The rate of fire is comparable to most other stock blasters at around 12RPS on a 7.4v battery and upwards of 20RPS on an 11.1v battery.

  • Polished aluminum barrel – Already comes with an excellent barrel for better shooting performance
  • Threaded 14mm CCW metal outer barrel – Easily screw on muzzles, silencers, tracer units etc.
  • High-quality compact design, versatile to customization
  • Highly upgradable gearbox
  • Magazine priming feature
  • Compatible with many magazines including drum magazines
  • Other blasters around the same price point have metal gears instead of nylon
  • Expensive compared to other M4’s offering similar/better shooting performance

The JingJi SLR CQB offers a premium nylon build, highly upgradable gearbox, is versatile to customization and compatible with many magazines.  It’s an excellent choice for new players and anyone wanting a great platform for upgrades.

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LDT HK416 3.0

LDT HK416 3.0 Gel Blaster
  • Released:  October 2019 
  • Brand:  LDT 
  • FPS:  250-270
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto
  • Magazine capacity:  300 gel balls
  • Gel ball size:  7-8mm 
  • Rate of fire:  Up to 20 rounds per second (11.1v battery) 

The HK416 3.0 is LDT’s third version of this blaster and it’s been fantastic to see that they’ve chosen to improve their product as much as possible.  The version before the 3.0 was the HK416 2.5, and although it was a top performer in its own right, there were quite a few flaws.  The most notable being the handguard having a considerable amount of flex which really took away from the 2.5’s great quality.  Thankfully, all aspects of the 3.0 have been improved including the receiver, gearbox, working components and a few added attributes.

The HK416 3.0 is predominantly nylon construction with addition of a few metal components being the buffer tube, outer barrel, barrel and gas block.  These metal components balance each other out well and give the blaster a more realistic weightiness and feel.

The 3.0 receiver has been strengthened with thicker nylon  compared to it’s previous versions, most prominently in the mag-well area.  The handguard has little to no flex as a result.

The handguard and buffer tube can both be replaced with a wide variety of counterparts to suit customization preferences if desired.  You may be forced to remove the gas block with other types of handguards however.

Disassembly is simple with the blaster being a split receiver design. The V2 style gearbox is made of nylon and has nylon gears which should handle minor spring upgrades well.  There is high upgrade potential and most if not all the parts besides the cylinder head and nozzle can be replaced with standard V2 parts (upgrade at your own risk).

You can use a wide range of magazines with the HK416 3.0 as it will take Jinming’s gen 8, gen 9 and gen 10 magazines, most drum magazines and most of the recent nylon magazines. 

The included hop-up it comes with performs well and can be adjusted without having to remove any barrel components.

  • Up to 270FPS
  • Diverse M4 magazine compatibility
  • Well refined build quality with metal components
  • Highly upgradable
  • Customize blaster with other handguard, buffer tube and stock options
  • Comes with a good hop-up – Save money buying one
  • No magazine prime
  • Smaller gel balls won’t perform as well in the slightly wider barrel

The LDT HK416 3.0 offers more than most other blasters on the market.  You’re getting metal components that you usually have to buy separately, a quality hop-up, a transportation carry bag and a well refined blaster.  As far as price versus value is concerned, this takes the cake.

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Creative Pyramid Alpha King series: AK-105, AK-74M & AK-74MS

Abbreviations – CP AK105 AK74M AK74MS
Creative Pyramid Alpha King Gel Blaster
  • Released:  July 2019 
  • Brand:  AKA
  • FPS:  260-280FPS
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto
  • Magazine capacity:  300 gel balls
  • Gel ball size:  7-8mm 
  • Rate of fire:  Up to 21 rounds per second (11.1v battery)

The Creative Pyramid Alpha King blasters are a series of three AK gel blaster variants.  The main differences between the three blasters are the barrel lengths and gas block (outer barrel) designs.  The AK-105 is the shortest measuring in at 85cm, followed by the AK-74MS at 90cm, then the AK-74M at 95cm (approximate blaster lengths).

Made of nylon and metal, the Alpha King AK’s feel great and are 1:1 ratios with real AK rifles.  The barrel, outer barrel and fire selector are the prominent metal parts with the rest of the body being nylon.  Underneath the outer barrel there’s also a metal cleaning rod that can be used to clean the barrel if you thread a cloth through the tip of it. 

The Alpha King AK’s all have a blow-back charging handle when firing.  It doesn’t act as a magazine priming feature nor does any other part on the blaster. 

The stock is foldable and can lock to the side of the blaster if wish to shorten the length.  It’s held in place by a removable locking pin and you can switch out the original stock with other compatible stocks.  The handguard can also be removed and switched out with other compatible replacements. 

Inside the blaster you’ll find a Red Dragon nylon gearbox based off a version 3 airsoft gearbox.  The gearbox will include a metal gear set, metal cylinder head, metal nozzle, metal racked piston, spring retainer with bearings and a 30,000 RPM high-speed motor.  You will get a higher rate of fire compared to most other blasters.

The gearbox has high upgrade potential and provides a suitable frame for more daring upgrades.  My recommended spring upgrades would be an M90-M100 if you’re wanting more FPS. Going beyond this won’t go well with the high-speed motor as it’s not meant to pull heavier springs.

You can unscrew the muzzle and connector piece to reveal the tip of the barrel so hop-ups can be attached. It will have to replace the muzzle but you will have many options for any hop-up that fits on a standard 9.5mm barrel.

The battery is held in the upper section of the handguard and will fit in snug.  Please note that the battery plugs are Tamiya connections if you’re wanting to buy other batteries.

  • Up to 280FPS
  • Strong gearbox with lots of metal components that usually cost extra to add
  • Highly upgradable
  • Ability to switch out the stock and handguard for customisation
  • Exceptional quality
  • Diverse options for hop-ups
  • No rails for attachments
  • No magazine priming feature
  • Battery compartment (handguard) can be irritating to take apart/put back together
  • Restricted battery space in the handguard

The Creative Pyramid Alpha king AK’s offer a great gearbox that delivers top tier performance straight out of the box. The Build quality is a positive and is sure to please AK lovers. 

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If you want to capitalise on the CP AK’s awesome shooting performance by getting even more range and accuracy then I’d recommend the metal Rizer V2 hop-up.  This hop-up is a big step up from traditional 3D printed hop-ups and I’ve personally found it to be worth the extra cost.  Need to see it in action? Here’s a video.


  • Released:  April 2020 
  • Brand:  LDT
  • FPS:  250-270
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto (ambidextrous fire selector)
  • Drum magazine capacity:  300 gel balls 
  • Stick magazine capacity:  100 gel balls
  • Gel ball size:  7-8mm 
  • Rate of fire:  Up to 20 rounds per second (11.1v battery)

The MP5 is the first drop of LDT’s SE Series and has set the standards high for the rest of the gel blasters to be released.

The build quality and design is very polished which is not so surprising being that it’s closely based off the CM049 MP5 airsoft gun by CYMA.

The LDT MP5’s key feature is its blowback system which moves the dust cover back and forth with each shot. You can also engage the dust cover with its realistic charging handle.  There is quite a hefty spring behind it so you can lock and snap it back just like the real thing.  The charging handle does not prime the blaster.

This blasters two piece split receiver is easy to dismantle and holds the Warinterest 3.0 V2 nylon gearbox.  The upgrade potential is high and most if not all the parts can be swapped out for better quality parts.  Pair that with the fact that it’s got metal gears already installed and you’ve got a good foundation for further upgrades.

The LDT MP5 comes with a classic wide forearm handguard and a fixed stock.  Pre-released pictures advertised the blaster having multiple handguard and stock options which will hopefully become more available in the near future.  I’ve chosen to stick with the fixed stock because it has so much battery space.

You won’t be able to use hop-ups that are wider than 11mm in diameter due to the inner barrel being shorter than the outer barrel.  You’re options are to either stick with the included hop-up, that performs reasonably well, or upgrade to a longer barrel so you can attach other types of hop-ups (recommended barrel length – 25cm).

  • Up to 270FPS
  • Top build quality – Weight feels good in hand and evenly distributed
  • Fixed stock provides heaps of battery space – More than any standard M4 buffer tube
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Highly upgradable
  • Comes with a drum magazine and stick magazine
  • Different hanguard and stock options are available for customization
  • Limited hop-up usability
  • Hop-up isn’t amazing
  • No rails for attachments

The LDT MP5 has exceptional build quality and already shoots at a solid FPS for competitive play.  The limited hop-up options aren’t preferred so changing to a longer barrel would be recommended so more hop-ups can be used.   If you’re an MP5 lover than the LDT MP5 is a no brainer.

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Jinming ACR J10

ACR gel blaster

Release: January 2019

Another fine addition to Jinming’s arsenal, the ACR J10 was their next blaster to come out after the M4A1-J9 and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

The ACR J10 features an extendable butt stock that is also foldable so the battery can be accessed.  It comes with a standard 7.4v battery but can be upgraded to an 11.1v battery with no issues.  There’s only one top rail on the blaster and no rails on the handguard which means you won’t be able to attach a grip or other desired attachments.  You can mount aftermarket handguards however if you’re adamant on having the option to do so.

The blaster has a split receiver which allows you to effortlessly dismantle the blaster by removing two take down pins and separating it’s top half.  Inside the blaster you’ll find the same AEG v2 inspired gearbox that the M4A1 gen 9 has which means there’s an abundance of upgrades for this blaster.  Unlike the M4A1 gen 9 however the ACR will already come with a stronger nylon gearbox instead of a clear plastic one.  This is great news for anyone intending to upgrade the internals of this blaster as it will be able to take more of a beating.

Another welcoming step-up it has on the M4A1 gen 9 is its ability to take drum magazines.  Finally Jinming are giving us better cross-usability with other magazines as they should.  The stock magazines that come with the ACR are also special in their own right.  You can now easily dismantle the magazine and clean out its insides if you wish.  This may be useful for removing smashed gel ball bits.

As for shooting performance, the ACR hits as high as 270FPS but will more than likely sit at a comfortable 260FPS.  The firing options are semi-automatic and full-automatic.  Unfortunately there is no working magazine priming feature despite it having a realistic pull-back and release bolt mechanism to open the dust cover (just as a real life ACR would).  The accuracy is comparable to most other blasters.  You will need a hop-up if you value performance.

  • Shoots at a high 260-270FPS
  • Split receiver – easily dismantle the blaster
  • Full nylon body – excellent weight distribution
  • Drum magazine usability
  • Comes with a nlyon gearbox – more suitable for demanding upgrades
  • Gearbox is a v2 design – highly upgradable with AEG parts
  • No rails for attaching a grip (without replacing the handguard)
  • No magazine priming feature

The ACR J10 is basically the same as an M4A1 gen 9 but in a different shell.  This blaster punches hard straight out of the box, is more than ready for upgrading and is certain to give a great experience for everyone.

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To improve the ACR J10’s shooting accuracy and distance you’ll want this hop-up

Jinming M4A1-J9 (M4A1 Gen 9)

JinMing M4A1-J9 gen 9

The M4A1-J9 is perhaps the most anticipated blaster to be released to date due to its predecessor, the M4A1 gen 8, being such a standout among gel ball enthusiasts. This was because the gen 8 was exceptionally versatile to upgrades both internally and externally compared to other blasters.  Rest assured the M4A1-J9 is definitely a step up from the M4A1 gen 8 in many ways and is impressive to say the least.

Designed with a more realistic size ratio and constructed of a full nylon exterior, this blaster features a solid build and a much greater feel compared to the M4A1 gen 8.  What’s really a stand out for this blasters design is its threaded front port for the handguard and AEG style buffer tube interface.  This makes customizing the blaster easier than ever with this compatibility for airsoft upgrades.  No need to buy handguard and buffer tube adaptors like you’d have to for the M4A1 gen 8.

Sitting in a split-receiver, the gearbox is based off an airsoft V2 design which means the gearbox parts can be upgraded accordingly.  Initially, the blaster was released with a clear polycarbonate gearbox however now the latest version comes with a nylon gearbox, the same one as the Jinming ACR.  A great platform for upgrading.

The gearbox is driven by a long axel 460 motor and powered by a 7.4v battery giving the blaster a fire rate of approximately 12-15 rounds per second.  Upgrading to an 11.1v battery to increase the fire rate is also an option.

The shooting performance for the M4A1-J9 is superb and hits anywhere between 260-270FPS.  It fires in both semi-automatic and full automatic and uses electronically fed magazines as expected.  Unfortunately the M4A1-J9 won’t take the same magazines as the M4A1 gen 8 and therefore doesn’t have the same drum magazine capability.

Other factors to consider is that the handguard it comes with doesn’t have any side rails for attachments and there is no mag-prime to pre-load the gel balls.

  • Up to 270FPS
  • Full nylon body
  • Threaded front port and buffer tube interface – Customize blaster easily
  • Highly upgradable
  • Spit receiver – Dismantle blaster more conveniently
  • No cross usability with other magazines or drum magazines from Jinming
  • No mag-prime

Looks great, feels great and shoots great.  This is one of the best out  at the moment and if you’re thinking about customizing your blaster then this one will suit you well.  The M4A1-J9 will please casual players and people who wish to upgrade their blasters alike.

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To improve the M4A1-J9’s shooting accuracy and distance you’ll want this hop-up

Jinming M4A1 Gel Blaster (JM Gen 8 M4A1)

Jinming M4A1 gel ball blaster gun gen 8

Based off the infamous M4A1 carbine, the JM gen 8 M4A1 features a top rail for sight attachments and four side rails on the barrel for other attachments.  The stock is adjustable to six different lengths and can be removed to access the battery which sits in the stock core.

All applicable magazines for the JM gen 8 M4A1 feed the gel balls into the blaster electronically once the trigger is pressed down.  The M4A1 Gen 8 has excellent magazine compatibility, being able to take a wide variety of newer magazines and drum magazines alike.

The JM gen 8 M4A1 uses a gen 8 gearbox which is has great potential for upgrades.  Because the front barrel and stock are removable, aftermarket upgrades for these parts can also be fitted which offers a great opportunity to personalize the blaster to your liking and make it unique.

This blaster was constructed fully out of ABS plastic upon it’s first release which was people’s main dislike. It felt flimsy and was more prone to breaking if dropped.  Since then, Jinming have re-released it with a nylon receiver and a nylon gearbox.  So not only is the blaster considerably more solid and reliable, it also has the potential to withstand more demanding upgrades.  This newer version also had an FPS increase to approximately 250FPS as opposed to the 240FPS of the older, plastic version.

  • Highly upgradable
  • Nylon receiver
  • Nylon gearbox
  • Compatible with drum magazines
  • No magazine primer to pre-load gel balls
  • No semi-automatic mode
  • Blaster is built with cheaper plastic apart from the receiver

Final verdict

The JM gen 8 M4A1 is the oldest blaster on this list and an all-time classic.  It’s stood the test of time and still offers great value for it’s price.  If you’re not wanting to break the bank and still want heaps of upgrade potential, this is it.

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If you want to improve the M4A1’s shooting accuracy and distance then I’d recommend a DK-J8 hop-up. 

Click here to see my custom made Gen 8 M4 shooting tracer rounds (glow gels) with an accurate hop-up.