Best Gel Blaster Pistols (Electric) 2020 + Reviews

One thing that holds true in real life situations and in video games is that pulling out your pistol is faster than reloading.  But… just like your primary, you’d want your pistol to be reliable when the time comes to use it.  So now you’re faced with the question:  What is the best gel blaster pistol? 

Well not to worry because I’ll be providing the top gel blaster pistols you’d want to consider.

With each Gel blaster pistol I recommend I’ll also mention a hop-up for it if there’s one available. A hop-up is the best upgrade you can add to any gel blaster and improves accuracy and range.

Top Gel Blaster Gun Pistols

NameTypeFiring ModesRate Of Fire (Approx. Rounds Per Second)Standard BatteryStandard Magazine Capacity (Approx.)FPS (Approx. Feet Per Second)
SKD Beretta M92Electric Mag-fedFull-auto & Semi-auto4.5RPS on 7.4v battery
9RPS on 14.8v battery
SKD M1911Electric Hopper-fedFull Automatic Only15RPS on 7.4v Battery
19.6RPS on 11.1v Battery
SKD Glock G18Electric Mag-fedFull-auto & Semi-auto4.5RPS7.4v35140FPS
RenXiang Desert EagleElectric Mag-fedFull Automatic Only6RPS7.4v35170FPS

SKD Beretta M92 Gel Blaster

The Beretta M92 is SKD’s latest gel blaster pistol and based on the feedback from the majority of users, it’s an absolute hit.  This blaster is basically an updated SKD Glock G18 (which was the most popular mag-fed pistol for quite a while) and has been improved in all regards.

The improved quality is noticeable even before shooting it.  It’s got a solid, evenly distributed weight to it.  It’s made of full nylon and has a smooth matte black finish.  The size is of course scaled to a real Beretta.  There’s a button situated on the right side of the blaster near the trigger that allows you to switch between semi-auto and full-auto firing modes when clicked.  If you hold the button down it will also work as a magazine prime to preload the gel balls via the electronic magazine.  The button is not ambidextrous however and will favour right handed users.

The blaster has an inbuilt 7.4v battery and you can attach a flashlight which acts as another 7.4v battery.  The flashlight easily mounts to the bottom rail.  With the flashlight attached, both batteries work in a series and create 14.8v, providing a much higher voltage.  This leads to superb trigger response in semi-auto and an impressive fire rate for a blowback blaster.  Running full-auto on 14.8v will give you a fire rate of 9 rounds per second and on the regular 7.4v (without the flashlight attached) you’ll get 4.5 rounds per second.

The Beretta is relatively accurate at its effective range which leads me to believe that the barrel to cylinder volume ratio has been considered in its design.  Shooting at 160FPS on average, it’s also the hardest hitter straight out of the box among the other pistols I’ve listed.  The magazine holds roughly 30-35 gels and will run out quickly on 14.8v.

There’s a removable takedown pin that can be knocked out to allow the slide to come off.  This gives you easy access to the spring, barrel and plunger if you wish to do any upgrades.  The inbuilt battery and flashlight battery are both charged via a cable which is the same one as the SKD Glock G18.

  • 14.8v battery attachment provides an improved trigger response and higher fire rate
  • Blowback mechanism
  • Both Semi-auto and full-auto
  • Mag-priming feature
  • 14.8v battery attachment is a working flashlight
  • Solid build quality and robust feel
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Low magazine capacity (in my opinion)
  • Fire rate is slow without the flashlight attached

The SKD Beretta M92 is as good as it gets for electric gel blaster pistols at this point in time.  It’s certainly raised the bar for all other pistols to come and is recommended for everyone.

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If you want to improve the SKD Beretta M92’s shooting accuracy and distance then you’ll want this hop-up.

SKD M1911 Gel Blaster (SKD M1911 CS-007)

SKD M1911 Hopper Gel Blaster Pistol Toy

This hopper fed gel blaster is widely considered one of the best gel blaster pistols at this point in time and it’s a pretty reasonable opinion.  The M1911 shoots at a super-fast 15 rounds per second and can hold up to 300 gel balls in its clear hopper.  The hopper screws into a connector piece that slides onto the top rail of the blaster.  There are also three additional rails on the sides and bottom which can be used to mount lasers, flashlights, grips etc.  The blaster does come with additional attachments but they’re more so for cosmetic purposes rather than practicality.  The bottom rail swings open to reveal the battery compartment.  Keep in mind that it only shoots in full-auto.

What’s amazing is that you can connect an 11.1v battery for an even faster rate of fire.  My chronograph read in at 20 rounds per second which is insane.  Just be sure to get the correct size (1800mAh 62mm x 18mm) so it still fits in the battery compartment.  I’ll leave a link to the exact battery here.

Shooting up to 150FPS, this is as powerful as it gets for stock pistols currently.  If the large hopper doesn’t bother you, then the SKD M1911 is the pistol to get. 

  • Fastest rate of fire for a pistol
  • Holds hundreds of gel balls at one time
  • 150FPS – Top tier for a gel blaster pistol
  • Plenty of rails for attachments
  • The hopper may not be visually appealing to some people nor practical for holstering
  • No semi-automatic firing mode

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If you want to improve the SKD M1911’s accuracy and distance then you’ll want this hop-up. It replaces the flash hider and attaches the same way.

SKD Glock G18 Gel Blaster

SKD Glock G18 Gel Blaster Pistol

The SKD Glock G18 is an advanced gel blaster pistol and has a lot of features.  Firing in both full-auto and semi-auto, the G18 has a working blowback mechanism for realism.  The magazines are electronically fed and hold approximately 30-35 rounds.  There are extended magazines available that hold roughly twice as much gels as well.  Once the magazine is inserted into the blaster you can press the magazine priming button on the side of the blaster for a few seconds and you’ll be ready to shoot.

The blaster has been built to a 1:1 size scale with a real life Glock G18 so there are lots of options available for adding attachments and realistic accessories.

With a shooting power of 140FPS, its performance is definitely top tier.  I do find the rate of fire to be lacking however, hitting approximately 6 rounds per second.

Taking the blaster apart is simple and easy.  There’s a pin you can pop out (using an appropriate metal punch or tool) on the side of the blaster which allows you to remove the top slide to access the internals.  Unlike most other blasters the battery is in-built.  The blaster is charged via its special cable that plugs into a port underneath the front end.

The SKD Glock G18 would be the preferred option if you want a more realistic gel blaster pistol packed with features.

  • Semi-auto and full-auto
  • 140FPS – Top tier
  • Abundant market for purchasing Glock G18 attachments and accessories
  • Mag-priming feature
  • Blowback mechanism
  • Extended magazines available
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Slow fire rate
  • In-built battery means no option to connect an 11.1v battery

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If you want to improve the SKD Glock G18’s accuracy and distance then you’ll want this hop-up. It attaches to the front of the blaster via the bottom rail.

RenXiang Desert Eagle Gel Blaster (RX617 or RX Desert Eagle) [Nylon version]

Nylon Desert Eagle Gel Blaster Pistol

The RenXiang Desert Eagle is a noticeably more solid pistol thanks to its second release version being made of full nylon. Pair that with the fact it’s been built to a 1:1 scale with a real Desert Eagle and you’ve perhaps got one of the most well-made electric gel blaster pistols built.  Another worthwhile component to mention is its alloy handle.

The desert Eagle has a blowback mechanism and shoots at approximately 6 rounds per second.  There’s only one fire mode available being full-auto.  The magazines are not electronic so you will need to feed the gel balls manually by clicking a button on top of the magazine a few times, prior to inserting into the blaster.

The Desert Eagle only has one bottom rail for attachments and it can be opened to access the battery compartment.  Due to the blasters unique battery connection, an 11.v battery cannot be used without a custom made connector.

Averaging at 170FPS, the Desert eagle is a top performer.  The build quality is its standout feature and it undoubtedly feels great to wield.

  • Superb build quality – Full Nylon
  • 170FPS – Top tier for a gel blaster pistol
  • Blowback mechanism
  • Extended magazines available
  • No Semi-auto
  • Magazine needs to be manually primed
  • Slow rate of fire

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If you want to improve the Desert Eagle’s accuracy and distance then you’ll want this hop-up. It inserts into the front barrel of the blaster.

A Worthwhile Mention…

Bing Feng MP7 V3 Gel Ball Blaster

The BingFeng MP7 gel blaster is technically an SMG but you can still holster it. For a blaster that’s a little bigger than the pistols mentioned it’s miles better in all aspects. You can check out a review on it in my Best SMG’s page.