Jinming Scar V2 Gel Blaster (2019 edition) Review

Jinming Scar V2 gel ball blaster

Initial Release: 2018

Re-release: 2019

This sturdy, well-balanced gel ball blaster is Jinming’s second version of the FN Scar and is not to be confused with its predecessor, the JM Scar V1.  Both blasters look the same on the outside but on the inside they are completely different, with the JM Scar V2 being superior.  The JM Scar V2 holds the same gen 8 gearbox as the JM gen 8 M4A1 and you can therefore expect a comparable shooting performance of up to 250FPS (I saw a guy on YouTube getting 260FPS but I’ll be conservative).  The JM Scar V1 has a smaller, less upgradable gearbox and only hits 220FPS.

The gen 8 gearbox it holds is super upgradable and will be the easiest gearbox to work with if you’re just starting out.  I’ve got a page on the easiest gen 8 upgrades you can do and also a video on my own upgraded Scar v2 you should check out.

A newer version of the Scar V2 was released in 2019 with nylon gearbox and nylon gears just as the JM M4A1 gen 8 was.  This provides a much better frame for upgrades and reliability.  Unlike the re-released M4A1 gen 8 however, the body/receiver construction wasn’t upgraded from ABS plastic to nylon.  With both of my Scars I’ve had screw threads strip when taking the blaster apart which doesn’t reflect too greatly on the material used.

The JM Scar V2 has an adjustable, as well as foldable stock which can be clipped to the right side of the blaster if you wish to minimize the blaster length.  You’ll also get a fore grip with an integrated spring-loaded, retractable bipod as well as a front barrel extension to give it the realistic appearance of the real FN Scar should you wish to add it.

The magazines are the same as that of the JM gen 8 M4A1 and are therefore electronically fed.  Rest assured the JM Scar V2 will be able to use the same drum magazines as well.  You will be able to use 11.1v batteries for a faster rate of fire.

One feature that this blaster has over the JM gen 8 M4A1 is a magazine primer that preloads the gel balls into the gun.  Once the magazine is inserted into the blaster, simply pull back the primer for 2-3 seconds and you’ll be ready to shoot.  No need to blank fire the gun until the gel balls are fed into the blaster.


  • Magazine primer
  • Nylon gearbox and gears
  • Highly upgradable and most beginner friendly
  • Can be upgraded to an 11.1v battery
  • Compatible with drum magazines


  • No semi-automatic mode
  • Screw threads are prone to stripping

It’s the same blaster as the JM gen 8 M4A1on the inside, just with a different casing and the added feature of a magazine primer.  As this blaster ages, its build quality feels less and less great as newer, better quality blasters are released (as to be expected).  That’s not to say it isn’t solid, but in my opinion it definitely has that ‘toy’ feel to it.

With my two Scar’s I ran into the same issue of stripping a few screw threads (and I wasn’t being rough…).  I’d therefore urge you guys to unscrew the blaster with care if you’re taking it apart.

What makes Scar V2 great is its value for money.  You’re getting an easy-to-upgrade blaster with a nylon gearbox that is capable of taking quite a beating at a much cheaper price compared to the vast majority of newer blasters. 

If you’re after a competitive blaster for skirmishes then this is a great option if you’re on a budget or don’t want to break the bank.   It would most certainly be a great introductory blaster into the hobby as it hits hard, is simple to use, takes drum magazines and will always have the potential for upgrading.

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To improve the Scar V2’s range and accuracy you’ll specifically want the DKJ8S.  It secures to the top of the outer barrel via grub screws and stays on firmly.